What we do

Where do we start? We're some busy fellas! Painted Sparrows is a partnership between a few individuals with the vision to realize that by pooling our skills we could tackle projects much larger than anything we could handle individually. In the last year we've been busy increasing the exposure of and access to local farmers markets with Live Local. We have developed and enhanced MiniMedRec.com, an online tool that lets individuals store and manage their own medical information.

Currently we're breaking ground on Mini Apps, which are touch and mouse responsive.

Our boutique agency model enables us to expand and contract on a project by project basis. We believe in keeping light on our feet and maintaining a low overhead. All this plus our financial sensibilities means that we can offer some of the best rates around.


How we work

We believe that there is no single approach that can accommodate every case. Rather than try to apply recipe driven solutions, we rely on solid principles of project management.


This is Q & A time. We ask a bunch of questions about you and your business. We want to know what vision you have for your project. We start with pie in the sky and then dig into the details. By expanding the planning phase we can deliver prototypes that need fewer revisions than trial and error approaches. Fewer revisions means faster deployment and lower project costs.


These are the initial plans put into action. At this stage, we flesh out the plan, create measurable goals, and develop the first model.

Test and Revise

This stage marks the end of round one for a work in progress. Here we'll be able to fine tune the prototype, test it thoroughly and deliver a fully working product.


After the product has been put through its paces, we set it loose!

Before the dust settles we start all over again. It really can be that simple.


Who we are

Sean Ondes

Founder, Design and User Interface/User Experience Engineer

A user interface/user experience focused designer, Sean designs for the web and print with purpose, usability and character in mind. He strongly believes in the power of web technologies to allow the individual to participate in the world they inhabit. Sean currently splits his time between Albuquerque, NM and Oakland, CA.

Julian Butt

Founder, Marketing & PR Director

Julian enjoys long walks on the beach, fancy cigars, fencing and relaxing books. Julian is the former president of BikeABQ and Trips For Kids Rio Grande. The owner of Julian Paul Presentations (Julian Paul Consulting) since 2008, Julian has contracted the City of Albuquerque to run the field operations of and deliver presentations for the Bicycle Safety Education Program, delivering over 1,000 presentations to over 55,000 people. In addition to five consecutive contracts with the City, Julian helps clients, small business owners, with a range of needs; from business analysis, to marketing and PR, to website design. For Painted Sparrows LLC, Julian designed and manages content for BikeHubNM.com and directs Marketing & PR for the company.

David Einerson

Founder, Web Applications Programmer and Database Administrator

Dave is a veteran system administrator and software developer passionate about sustainable, efficient, applied systems and development methodologies. Dave is all about a convergence of the how, the why, and the usable in everything he builds. He considers himself a builder, a toolmaker. Dave has been privileged to work professionally as an database administrator and software developer for numerous government and commercial entities for over 20 years.

The Painted Sparrows Team